Werkstoff Musik war ursprünglich eine kleine Partyreihe im Berliner Underground. Mit neuen Perspektiven und Ehrgeiz entstand daraus die Idee ein Plattenlabel zu gründen, den Namen aber beizubehalten. Die einstige Zielsetzung wird hierbei natürlich auch übernommen, mal für mal neue musikalische Erlebnisse zu schaffen.

Dreher & Sm.art

Frank Martiniq is an international DJ, producer and sound design pioneer. His unique vision of electronic dance music, combined with his talent, dynamism and experimental projects have acted as a springboard, propelling him to the forefront of house and techno global club scenes. It all started in 1991, Germany, Frank Martiniq devoted his life to analogue instruments and electronic music. It's got to be said that any DJ who turns up to play with 30 kilos of vinyl in tow is serious and Frank Martiniq wouldn't ever consider packing any less. His no-nonsense DJ sets encompass everything from Chicago house to dub techno and venture through prime Detroit cuts. This massive spectrum of sound is needed to build his ideal four hour DJ set which begins at the opening slot and builds elegantly right through to a massive 4/4 prime time. And if you ever get the chance to see one of his ultra rare live sets, drop everything and go, he cracks out the most alien analogue machines you will ever see but only for the most exciting parties. These dance floor shaking sensibilities have seen him take to the Technics of the biggest clubs in Bejing, Berlin, London and Detroit. In the studio Frank creates with both with hardware and software. He's canny about his production methods and he has a reason to be, since his first release in 1995 he's been on to an unmistakeably good thing. This is the man whose 12" "Adriano" on Boxer Recordings sold out in just two days, and who went on to release a dozen 12" and three double LP albums on the imprint. This huge body of work built up production skills that are, to put it lightly, enviable. So much so, that the legendary Native Instruments recruited him as a sound designer for Reaktor 4, Reaktor 5, Massive and Maschine.

Frank Martiniq has always been a reference point in international electronic music whether based in Kiel or Cologne, but 2009 saw him make the logical move to Berlin. He relocated to the capital and was commissioned to work on a prestigious, experimental sound design project for the Max-Planck Institute. Frank was challenged to create sounds that envisioned 20 years from now and he single handedly designed soundscapes from the sizzling of synapses to the droning of digitalisation. The futuristic project entitled "The Science Express" toured through 60 towns to international critical acclaim. As for his own future, Frank is constantly reconfiguring his sound, getting ever more creative: releasing his deep techno direction on Stroboscopic Artefacts, playing shows internationally and is busy in the studio working on visionary sounds for his fifth studio album.